Seeking a Nomination, 2013

In February, 2013, I embarked on an interesting political venture - I put my name forward to be nominated as the candidate to run for the NDP in the next Provincial election. There was already a strong, experienced candidate running so I knew that I was not likely to win but I saw the nomination process as an opportunity to bring forward ideas and issues coming from grass roots movements, as well as from my academic studies and make sure these ideas were part of discussions taking place in the realm of electoral politics. I see tremendous work being done by writers within academe as well as writers and speakers working outside of mainstream institutions. It is rare for these ideas to be part of discussions taking place in the mainstream media however and so I wanted to take the opportunity to get some coverage and exposure, as part of the mainstream political process, for alternative ways of thinking about economies, and about our relationships with each other and with the earth.

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